Say Goodbye To Building
WordPress Sites From Scratch

PatternsWP is a collection of pre-designed WordPress block patterns that can be used with any WordPress block theme, allowing users to easily build professional websites in no time.

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Building with WordPress Block Patterns

Get started with over 100+ free beautifully designed, ready-to-go layout section
patterns for your WordPress site with just one simple click.


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1-click Import

Easily add new patterns to your site with just one click. Simplify your design process with PatternsWP.

New Patterns Instantly

PatternsWP offers immediate access to the latest patterns and collections in our dynamic cloud library. No plugin updates needed!

Beautiful on Any Device

All patterns are made to look great on any screen size. Forget about spending extra time tweaking for mobile – we’ve got it covered for you.

Super Lightweight

All patterns are built using WordPress core blocks and stored in the cloud, ensuring your site stays quick and efficient.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team, and if you’re lucky, someone will promptly get back to you.

Can I use PatternsWP with any theme?

Absolutely! You can use PatternsWP with almost any WordPress theme that supports Gutenberg, allowing you to quickly build a visually appealing website with just a few clicks.

Is PatternsWP free?

Yes, PatternsWP is a free plugin available through the directory, allowing users to extend the power of the Gutenberg Block Editor.

Will PatternsWP slow down my website?

Nope! All PatternsWP patterns are built using only WordPress core blocks, ensuring efficient performance.